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The Acadian flag represents the long standing community of Acadienne people. From 1630-1755 the land of Acadia was a region in what is now Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Eastern Maine. After the 7 year war and the displacement of tens of thousands of Acadienne people, "Acadia" is where the Acadienne people are: a place without boarders. 

"Petrie sans frontiere" - homeland without boarders

The French tri-colour represents the origin in France. The golden star on the blue panel is a symbol of Mary, the Stella Maris.

"...The tricolour flag is the flag of France, of which we are descendants, and this flag has the right to fly for international convenience worldwide. For us, Acadians, this flag tells us simply that we are French and that our motherland is France, just as the Irish flag reminds the Irish of their origins and homeland. However, I would like Acadia to have a flag that reminds it not only that its children are French, but that they are also Acadian. Therefore, I suggest, and I submit to the delegates of this Convention, the following design for the national flag. The tricolour flag would become the flag of Acadia, with the addition of a star in the papal colour on the blue section. The star representing Mary, the Stella Maris, will serve as the emblem on our flag in the way that the flag of Canada incorporates that of England as a symbol of Confederation…"

 - Father Marcel-François Richard, August 15th 1884

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